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Below is a listing of all products under the category Installation:

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Door Express Install Half day
Install Half day$600.00 
Product Code:Installhalf
Lead Time:2 weeks
The half day install can be accomplish in a morning or an afternoon. The install is exucuted by our Installer team which consists of one helper and one journeyman.
Travel time must be included, so plan ahead with your favorite casings, hardware and trims.

Install pricing subject to onsite confirmation, additional add ons extra (brickmold, trim pack etc...)

Door Express Install Full Day
Install Full Day$1200.00 
Product Code:install full
Lead Time:4 weeks
"A crew of two" One helper and one journeyman for a day.
Whatever can be accomplished in a standard eight hour day. For example, a pair of exterior french patio replacements and a kitchen door.

Install pricing subject to onsite confirmation, additional add ons extra (brickmold, trim pack etc...)

Supply a temporary door$ 50.00 
Product Code:Installation- Supply Temporary
Lead Time:
Often times your custom made door will not be ready in time for framing inspection or lock up, and may require substantial time for finishing to be done off site. You may not want your custom made entry door installed until after you have moved heavy ackward furniture into your new home.

In this case you will be provided with a temporary door, hung into your permanent new door jamb. The temporary door when requested for setting the frame will match the specifications of your final door.

Set the frame using standard procedures. This will ensure the new door fits properly when you are ready.

Setting temporary doors are available at a rental charge of $ 75.00

Non setting temporary rental doors are also available for a
$ 50.00 set up and machining charge/ door


Installation Instructions 
Product Code:Installation Instructions
Lead Time:
Each Door Express door comes with installation instructions attached.

We recommend screwing in your new door, not nailing

You will require:

Philips and Robertson # 2 bits

3-3 1/2" screws to attach the hinge leg to the stud

Exterior and interior trim

Cut off or miter saw for trim


Possibly a chisel for the hardware installation


Finishing nails or brad nailer

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